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Day 2 of 100 Discontiguous Days of YARA

Improving YARA writing skills by writing more YARA rules.


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Partaking in Greg’s #100DaysOfYARA, but to be honest it’s more likely to be #100DiscontiguousDaysOfYARA for me - if I make it that far.

I doubt that the rules shared these 100 days will contain any truly original ideas, but I’d still like to share what I’ve learned.

Day 2

import "pe"

rule pe_created_after_cert_expired {
        author = "xorhex"
        description = "Find PE files that were compiled (assuming the timestamp was not modified) after their code signing certificate expired"
        HundredDaysOfYara = "Day 2"

        for any s in pe.signatures: (
            pe.timestamp > s.not_after

This rule loops through all of the signatures found in a PE file and compares that date against the pe timestamp to see if the binary was compiled after the certificate expired.

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